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10 VRIA Memberships

Donation #: 0002
Donor: Leavenworth Getaways Vacation Rentals
Rental: Leavenworth Cabin
Donation: 10 VRIA Memberships
Amount: $1,800
Awarded: 01/23/10
Beneficiary: Chiwawa Pines Leavenworth VRIA Membership

This package is for a full year membership in the Vacation Rental Industry Association (www.VRIA.org) which is a not-for-profit trade organization of vacation rental managers, owners and suppliers. All proceeds go to your local vacation rental group.

Membership includes:

• Private website access for news, newsletters, documents, group discussion, owner certification training, property verification and inspection and legal resources to combat vacation rental property rights prohibitions.

• Private website access to the world’s first Multiple Listing Services (MLS) for Vacation Rentals. The www.VRMLS.org website is an open-listing and open-submission website where owners and managers can upload properties once and then publish them on dozens of websites some free and some paid with a click of a button.

• A year’s advertising on www.VacationRentals.ws (The WS is for Washington State),

• A year’s advertising on www.Accommodations.ws.

• A year’s advertising on LeavenworthVacationRentals.com.

• A years’ advertising on StevensPassVacationRentals.com

• A year’s advertising on FriendlyPetVacationRentals.com

• A year’s advertising VacationRentalCentral.com a global website.

• Plus advertising on several other websites.

Normal Membership Dues per year:
Annual Dues Max Memberships to Auction
Owner Membership Listings for 3 properties $ 99 10
Vacation Rental Membership Listings for 100 properties $399 2